Tama Yaki

Annyeonghaseyo! ♥ Have you tried TAMA YAKI? If not! Go and visit one of their branch. They have a very cute place to dine-in… mix of dark pink and black color, shining shimmering walls and kinda loud music. Their food is refreshing for me because of it’s not so familiar taste, something unusual. TAMA means ball, while YAKI means grilled or fried. From their name you can easily conclude that they are selling grilled or fried round food. Oh no! Not kwek-kwek! Hahaha!

Their specialty is the famous TAKOYAKI, a ball-shaped Japan snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan.(wikipedia.com) Yes Takoyaki is originated from Japan, and don’t be confused TAMA YAKI is a Korean Restau they just adapted the Takoyaki food from Japan and serve with their other dishes.  It is typically filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps , pickled ginger, and green onion. Ok now this sounds complicated! I’ll stop from here.. just go and enjoy the photos below ♥


Looks like a Kid restau! ♥


The counter area ♥


The ceiling. ♥


Takoyaki Flavors and Prices!


More to order!

tamayaki flatlay

Our order! ♥ #FLATLAY

Let’s go clockwise! We order… Chicken Poppers (75.00), Grilled Steak Takoyaki (125.00), Squid Poppers (75.00), Grilled Chicken Ramen (149.00) and Korean Pork BBQ Takoyaki (95.00). Total of 519.00 🙂

The food looks so small and easy too eat. But you can easily be full by just eating 2-3 Takoyaki! What a surprise! The ball is chewy with a creamy sauce, and full of ingredients (vegies, spices, meats). Takoyaki has a striking rich taste. Indeed! I expected it to be.. that is why i choose sweet and spicy sauce, just to be a little safe, you can never go wrong with sweet spicy sauce anyway. The Poppers is fine, nothings special. The Ramen? It’s tasty! The hot ramen soup is an ice breaker to the striking taste of Takoyaki.


Enjoying my Grilled Steak Takoyaki ♥


My beautiful twin ♥ Kim 🙂


My Ramen boy ♥ He is a noodle addict!


The design and the wall itself is so girly! Just perfect for us. ♥

If you want a date with your friends, make sure to plan and research, skip the usual fast food.. you will spend money anyway why not try something new? It will add excitement in your date too. Don’t be afraid to give reco too, by the way Tama Yaki is recommended to us by Kim. Thank you!  And guys, always always and always remember, many first with your love ones will make your bond stronger.Start creating your many first! ♥

SM City North Edsa
Near Sm Cinema, and JCO
(02) 376-2377

Tama Yaki is a Must-Visit store. Try something unusual guys, go and explore! And hey.. Taste and Talk about it too ♥


Project Pie Philippines

As the world turn around and social media gone crazy and people adapt and surprisingly ..contributed! Businesses also left the traditionals and dig in to the box of creativity and uniqueness to out-stand from the crowd and effortlessly create a noise in social media. If you are in a food business a good taste will help you live, great customer service will give your restau a positive feedback and this is a good marketing or maybe enough… If and only if the competition is not as tough as today. At the present time..if you want to stand out…be in social media! Create crazy promotions and embrace the likes and goal of NETizens…picturesque food and cozy/playful ambiance. 

Pizza Businesses is never late in this drastic marketing strategy… Solo, Regular, Family Size.. and there comes the bigggggger pizza that can feed up to 8 person or more, from pan pizza to super crispy thin, from ham and cheese flavor to dozen of flavor to choose from and now.. design your own! I’m pretty sure pizza lovers surely hit this store right away when they heard the news. Design. Build and Eat! Let’s Talk about PROJECT PIE! ♥


Project Pie, a custom built artisan pizza concept from the United States

How to Order? Don’t expect a menu in your table. Go and Fall in line. 🙂


Start here!

We walk-in to their store around 6:00PM and it’s a lucky hour, only few are dining-in. If happens you experience long line, don’t worry you’ll never be bored… look around and read their wall of saying from famous people.  Once it’s your turn, my no.1 reminder to you guys is not to get intimidated to their crew, they are a bit of a conyo and they speak very soft and in a very low voice (in our experience) , the ingredients do not have labels that you can read so make sure to listen carefully to what they are saying especially if you are up to know every name of the ingredients. Remember: You are a customer. You have the right to ask. To think. and to take your time. Just be yourself and enjoy. ♥


The ingredients and the very clean kitchen.

The trail to your very own pizza flavor! This is a must read. If you don’t want to start from. “Uhhhh… hmmm.. yeahhh.. wait… ” I’m sure you know what I mean. #REALTALK

First. What do you want? Olive oil, Red Sauce or BBQ Sauce?
Second: Pick your choice of meat.
Third: Cheese!
Fourth: Chili .. (my fav♥)
Fifth: The vegetables, spices and whatever they call it! Hahah!

My best tip that I can give for the first timer like us, PICK EVERYTHING, unless you have allergy or particular ingredients that you don’t like. hehehe This is more sulit rather than picking 2-3 ingredients. And if you have your friends with you, work as a team! Order different flavors and share it with everyone. Project Pie is an American Style restau, serve yourself. Like Starbucks they will ask for your name and they will call you once your pizza is ready. Time to take a picture then Eat! haha!


Pizza + beer with your boyfriend in front is a good combo! Haha!

Close up pizza is mine, looks like a fiesta of ingredients.hahah! (i pick almost all the ingredients!) while Paulo’s pizza look so simple obviously he only pick very very few meats and vegies. For our drink, since this is a late birthday date we choose beer.. just to be little different instead of soda.


My birthday boy, right after our beach party! Very tanned skin. haha!


Just enjoying our pizza moment ♥ Never mind our tanned skin 😛

Taste? It’s good! Price? A little pricey if you will compare it to the pizza we usually buy,Make-Your-Own-Pizza is worth 285.00. But of-course  lets skip the size, the number of calories and the practicality and simply add it to the memories and experience you had. Good thing also that the place is not crowded when we try this, we also enjoy the ambiance… we took our time and had a good chitchat about our recent beach party. Quality time indeed and a good birthday celebration!

515 Shaw, 1555 Laurel Street corner Shaw Blvd, Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(beside Starbucks, and in front of S&R)

Operating Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily
Telephone: (+63 2) 650-0925
Website: www.projectpie.com

And hey! They also have branch at SM NORTH Upper Ground Floor, Main Building, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City 🙂

TRIVIA! According to Science and Master Google, pizza is on top of the list of most addictive food. Personally I’m not a pizza addict but I can’t say too that i hate it. What about you? And if you are a pizza lover, you-MUST-try-this-now. If you are just a curious one, visit one of their branch anytime you want and satisfy your curiosity and do not forget to Taste and Talk about it too! ♥


More Power!


Just re-blog this one from my old site. Take it as a #TB of my 23rd Birthday♥

Just the two of us. No friends allowed policy (sorry gals! iloveu all) . He knew since then that I’m dreaming to dine in a restau where I can cook my own food, just like what I usually saw on Korean or Japanese movie. And for my 23rd bday….tsaaaraaaaaannnn!!!!

The place is definitely fab!

The foods? Superbs!!!


My favorite!! Fresh seafoods!!! 


This super slim cut pork is WOW! Best partner? BEER!!!! Hahahaha!


YAKIMIX says. “DRINK ALL YOU CAN!!” Cheers!!! 

  Grab the sweets as long as you can too! And Design it the way you want! 

  Kids will surely love this, coz i do!!! ❤


Yakimix Prime also offer ready to eat dishes, Sorry! I choose not to take close up pictures. They look yummy also but yakiMix fresh seafoods and fresh meats are so irresistible plus the fact that grilling at your table is just so cool!

Sushi, maki, tempura and japenese food lover???? Look!!! Yes! One buffet for you. 

Before i forget, yakimix do not have 1 or 2 buffet ‘coz they have more than that! If im not mistaken they have Fresh seafoods and meats in a long buffet, the Japanese (picture above), the ready to eat dishes, the fruits buffet, sweet desserts and variety of drinks from lemonades, soda up to beer!!

Here’s a glimpse on what you can have on their “fresh”buffets.

Everyone will surely enjoy YakiMix though its a bit pricey compare to other eat -all-you-can-buffet but its  worth paying for! Especially for occassions like this. ❤ And Yakimix offer 5hours dine in! Yeah you read it right 5 hours. So you can eat on your first 3hours and drink all u can for 2 hours! As in WOW!

 My one and only! My everyday crush. 

Look how i experiment to mix and match different soy sauce, vinegar and etc etc!! Lol!

Such an experience! If you will walk-in to their place, YakiMix offer 788/pax for dinner, But I highly recommend to check online if they have current promo and call them and do a reservation 3 days before your korean/japanese theme date.♥. FYI, We got our dinner voucher for only 630/pax (if you prefer lunch date,good news! its cheaper 470/pax)  Dont forget, YakiMix is a busy restau, as per the manager, they are always fully fully fully book, so do not try to walk in unless you have your plan B ready for your date 🙂

Wanna try? Here’s how to contact YakiMix.

YAKIMIX PRIME: 2/F Wumaco Bldg. Bonifacio High Street 7th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tel. (02) 869-0777, (02) 869-0888. One pride of YakiMix Prime maybe their crew, they are all nice and friendly.

Here’s a Do-YOU-KNOW trivia for my patient readers!

Yaki means cooked over direct heat

Yakiniku means grilled meat

Taste and Talk about it too! ♥

Zark’s Burger

Instead of cake i received a burger, instead of pasta i got fries and instead of hotdog she serves me a buffalo! Happy me, Happy Ms. 24 years old ♥ Thank to you to my dearest twin for such a sweet-spicy-oily-piggy-yummy advance birthday treat! I love you :*


Wild Food Indeed!


The famous JAWBREAKER. Triple Cheeseburger with Spam,bacon and overflowing cheese on top and served with fries and ice tea. oh-la-la! Php 280.00 only!


DEEP FRIED BURGER. Deep fried mushroom cheeseburger with a choice of sauce on the side and served with fries and ice tea or lemonade. This should be on your top 10 foods-to-eat-before-you-die list. Php 175.00 only!


Wings N’ Chips. Choice of Classic Buffalo or bbq buffalo. I love buffalo! ♥ Php 145 only!

I find burgers boring, not worthy to buy, and dry.. but Zark’s Burger is an exception. Absolutely an exception! They’re burgers are wild not boring hahaha!, juicy and not dry and the size? It’s overwhelming. It’s like Oh-My! Burgerrrrrrrrrrr… and the price, it is reasonable plus there’s no SC. 😉 And what makes Zark’s Burger menu interesting for me is their descriptions and taglines like “foods-to-eat-before-you-die list”this might kill you on the spot”Eat at your own risk” and more!!  Check out their menu to find out and they have accommodating crew too. (Hi there Zark’s Burger Sm North Branch! )

Taste? I cannot say they have the best tasting burger, it’s also not the kind of food that i would love to eat every now and then.  First glance in their menu, (wow, its not expensive), taking a sneak look to the people dining in and to the crew servings big burger it’s like (Wow, I can’t wait), when our burger’s finally served (Oh my, Picture!!!! Looking at the food it’s overwhelming, cheese is overflowing, the food temperature is so delicious to think, the fries looks perfectly cooked hahahah! Very very well served.) After the photo session, moment of truth, the final verdict. It’s good, SULIT! That’s it 🙂



The food looks great and photo bomber is awesome! heheheh wattashot! 😀


Kim. Single and available! 0926… PM me! hahahha!

It’s fun to dine-in at Zark’s Burger.Cool! Burgers are for cool people like they say, and the ambience is very light and happy. We want to eat there again with a huge number of friends and talk about nonsense and crazy things ♥

Taste and talk about it too ♥

Cagbalete Island

If you want to escape from the city this weekend, have a peaceful and relaxing quick vacation. The pristine beach of Cagbalete Island is perfect for you! I got in love to the islands soft white sand and crystal clear water. Saw it already in social media but seeing it in personal just make me believe 100%  the hastags #NOFILTER #CRYSTALWATER. (oh so, they are not exaggerating!)  We travel 4-5hours to get there, but I really don’t mind, ‘coz I love to be on the road for long hours. Seems like I find it perfect for me to reminisce, to plan and to have a wider and bigger understanding about everything. When I was a kid travelling for more than 20minutes I guess is a hell for me! Oh, people change! (wink) Well, as we grow older, simple things makes our heart swoon and small things can makes our whole world complete but there’s one thing that I’m sure most of you can relate. YOU love the beach when you’re a kid and now YOU love it even more to the point that you are hoping to be there every weekend!!Hahahahaha!! #DONTLIETOME. After you see all the photos below, you will want to go to the beach tomorrow, i guess!


Our view, on the way to Cagbelete Island.


The white sand and the gradient blue water is just so perfect!

What makes Cageblete Island famous on social media is it’s outstanding crystal clear water and it’s true! We can actually see what’s beneath the water from our boat. Look at the photo above, the blue parts have moss, that’s why it looks darker in picture, while the skyblue parts has nothing underwater, just white sand.


It’s not just lowtide. It’s SUPER lowtide ♥

Lowtide time at Cagbalete Island base on our experience is 10:30am to 3:00pm. We get off to our boat almost 11:00am, we have no choice but to walk 10-15 minutes from the boat to the shore, why? ofcourse boat can’t make it on the shore! Look SUPER lowtide.


This is where we check in! 🙂 Good choice for campers!

They have good quality tent, clean comfort rooms, fine cooking areas, beach chairs, tables and chairs too so we can dig in to our meals comfortably and they also offer FREE hot water in the morning. For those who will ask, Villa Noe Beach Resort is a fine choice. Check out their website for more information! 😉


After long hours of travel.. Eating time!


Enjoying the SUPER low tide!

Tips: If you’re planning to visit Cagbalete Island, buy your food and everything that you need before heading to the island unless you’re willing to pay everything in double price! We only forgot to buy softdrinks, so then we pay 85.00 for every 1.5. Whew!


After taking our lunch, tsaraaaaaaannn!! here we are grilling ourselves to death! hahaha! Sunburn-Dont-Care.


My birthday Boy! I love you! ♥



my iPad apps absolutely complete the day! #SPLITPICS



By 2:30pm, the water started to come. Magic! hehehe

We actually didn’t noticed totally that the water is already done filling the blank spots! Oh-la-la! Swimming time! ♥ ♥


Taken in the middle of the sea! I love this shot! ♥

On our 2nd day, we visit the Yang-in SandBar and try snorkeling. Rate: 1600/16pax. Thank you to our camp neighbor for inviting us to go with them, we pay only 106.00 each!


Heart shape Mangrove Tree deserves a kiss photo! ♥


Crumple sand! ♥ ♥


The sand is creamy and soft, the water is cold.. i wish we did stay here long but our new friends is kinda have a tight schedule, they are in a rush!


Snorkeling: So clear! So blue! So Deep!

Going back to the resort, we already hit the low tide time! Urggh! We have to walk again to the shore..


Starfish my labs♥

It’s a good thing we walk! hahaha! This brighten my mood! ♥


How to Go to Cagbalete via BUS.
-From Cubao, Ride JAC Liner bus direct to MAUBAN. Fare is 277.00.
-From Mauban, ride a tricycle to the Tourism Hall. Fare is 10.00/pax, you can also ask the driver to stop on their public market so you can buy your needs. Fare will be 20.00/head. (base in our exp.)
-Environmental Fee is 50.00/pax. From the tourism hall you will be asked if you want to ride the passenger boat or private boat from Mauban Port to Cagbalete Island.
-From Tourism Hall to Mauban Port. Tricycle fare is 10.00/pax
-From Mauban Port to Cagbalete Island fare is 50.00/pax/one way via PASSENGER BOAT then you have to trek going to your resort, while via PRIVATE BOAT fare is 2000.00 for 5pax,two way and you will drop right in front of your beach resort… the fare for the latter is depending on the number of passenger, the more the bigger the price! Because large number of passenger means larger boat. And you also have the option to pay for 2way ride or 1way, ours is 2way.IF you will ask which of the two is the best choice, well.. for tourist who will stay in the island for only 2 days and in a peak season, ready your budget for a private boat because you will surely not love the idea of waiting and wasting your precious time in the port. 2-3hours of waiting? BIG NO.

Tip: Public market is just a few steps way to the Tourism hall, if you want to ride a passenger boat.. I suggest that you go to the tourism hall first, register and pay the environmental fee or the best is, split your group into two! Personal appearance in the registration is not required. (wink)

Going back to the City from Cagbalete Island
-From Cagbalete Island, we ride again the private boat that we rent. The perks of renting a private boat, you decide what time you want to leave. You just have to compromise with the driver.
-From Mauban Port, ride a tricycle to the Van terminal. Fare is 10.00/pax.
-From Van terminal to Lucena Grand Terminal. Fare is 50.00/pax
-From Lucena Grand Terminal we ride DLTB bus to Cubao. Fare is 209.00,. That’s it!

Total Fare from Cubao to Cagebelete Island | Cagbalete Island to Cubao:
Php1026.00 (via private boat two way)
Php726.00 (via passenger boat two way)

Beware of surprise charges. 10-20.00 is still a surprise charge! Make sure to make a detailed arrangement before claiming your sit in the tricycle or van. Hope the government of Mauban,Quezon can do something about this, most of the tourist or travellers are sensitive about surprise charges. Tourist deserves to be informed always in ADVANCE so everything will just be fair and square.

Here’s my Cagbalete Island Review.

Cagbalete Island is a beautiful island, indeed! But hey!  there’s nothing much to do here ok?, if you love star gazing, walk peacefully while having a good conversation with your friends, watch the sunrise and sunset, and just be on the island to escape and to think. Go and visit Cagbalete Island. BUT if you want thrill, excitement, extreme adventure! The Island is definitely not for you!  If you are a photo lover, photographer or model YOU will love here, the white sand,the natural SUN light and the crystal clear water is a very good combo!

My boyfriend review to the island  “Cagbalete Island is beautiful but it’s not the type that I would like to visit again and again.”

Me: “I’ll go back to Cagbalete Island  and I’ll bring a really good #OOTD. I actually wish i prepare a better #OOTD for this trip and took a lot of model-wanna-be pose! hahahah! ♥

Thank you for reading guys! Go and explore #PHILIPPINES too! ♥

Baler, Aurora


I read and heard a lot about Baler, i expected too much from this trip and hey! I got more from what i expected. Surfing, trekking, picture perfect views, food galore, hospitality of Aurorans (the Baler people) and quality time with my friends. All in one bucket! Absolutely a good adventure and a perfect summer getaway with my friends, we spend less, we explore more, and we had a blast of fun for 3days-2nights. Planning a trip is easy , but making it real is hard. Especially for friends with different work location, schedule and not-so-good-salary. #RealTalkHere -And its a blessing when everyone had the courage to go, the schedule matches, and the budget agree with the plan. Then its time to be good with your boss, file your leave, search about the place, plan your itineraries/basic expenses, think of your #OOTD, pack your things and prepare your camera! This is it! Unfortunately none of us have a car so we decided to commute instead of renting a car or avail agency packages. Well i guess this one of the imperfection of our trip that made our trip prefect. (wink) #Commuters. We did search about the place, where to go, the best spot and etc. But we didn’t make Tour Itinerary before heading to Baler ‘coz we want to plan it over our first meal together at the beach. And it’s a good decision! Check out our Baler Summer Getaway pictures below! Do not miss our Tips for each attraction we visit.

1st Day-1st Attraction (Sabang Beach or the Surfing beach)


Silently praying while heading to the sea! hahaha

Regular Surfing Rate: Php300/hour and per person with orientation and training. Tips: Bidding is not a sin here. Smile and try your luck. We got ours for only Php1050 and that’s good for 5 person and no time pressure. And hey! be nice to your train-or, he’s your only hope to  succeed here. (wink) Do this on your first day, it will definitely set the adventurous mood of yours, the excitement and the mindset to let go and forget everything and only think of the sea, sun kisses and your video while surfing! hahahahah! Tip: Instead of picture, ask your friend to take a video. You  will appreciate it more. Here’s mine..


Take advantage of the picture perfect view ♥




#Philippines #Baler #SabangBeach

2nd Day – 2nd Attraction (Diguisit Falls) Nothing much to do here, we just went to see since it’s the nearest in our place. 🙂20150321_103510

2nd Day – 3rd Attraction (Rock Formation Island)


The rock formations is very beautiful the way it is.


11084298_964435496907480_2256964298881585278_n Tip: Wear a good quality slipper or sandals. Watch your steps!

2nd Day – 4rd Attraction (Ermita Hill or “Pook na ligtas sa tsunami” (A place that is safe from tsunami) This place touches our heart, year 1735 a huge tsunami hit Baler and according to our tourist guide only 7 families we’re able to survive.Thanks GOD they we’re able to climb here.


1735 Tsunami Survivor | Tromba Marina Sculpture | Credit to baler.gov.ph for this photo



Taken at the top of Ermita Hill, overlooking the Baler Beach



Sneak a selfie while everybody is busy hahah!

2nd Day – 5th Attraction (Ditumabo Falls or The Mother Falls) The Mother Falls is the next most famous attraction at Baler next to surfing of course. If you are a mountaineer you will surely love the 30-45 minutes trekking. But for us, urrghh! It’s tiring especially on the first 100-200 kilometer, but as we trek further, our body adjusted and our eyes got full because of the dramatic scenery inside the forest, surprisingly we did enjoy the adventure and and carefully continue the trekking. After a long walk… here it is.


The view is breathtakingly beautiful! Credit to the owner of the photo below (pinastraveler)


The water is extremely cold! Sad, we do not have high quality waterproof camera, we improvised instead. Thanks to our remote, mobile phone, tripod and waterproof case we got a not-so-clear picture in front of the falls, better than nothing, right? 🙂 The water is extremely cold , we do not risk to take off the mobile phone on its plastic case and most especially our camera, moist will absolutely kill our gadget.

2nd Day – 6th Attraction (The Hanging Bridge) Dream come true for us! Our first time to see and passed a true hanging bridge! ♥


This is a no filter photo. It’s a natural sunset photo effect. 🙂

This attraction is not just about the hanging bridge, the view is superb! Tip: Visit this attraction between 4-5pm, we just thought its the best time, we came here between 5:30-6:00pm its a bit late so we’re not able to took more pictures there’s a light post of course but not enough to give us a perfect lightning. Warning: The bridge is scary at first hahahah!

3rd Day – 7th Attraction (Lukso lukso Islet) This is the attraction inside and exactly infront of the resort where we stayed (Dela Torre Beach Resort) and our house is exactly in front of the Lukso-lukso Islet. As we say, it’s a given attraction to us, no cost, no hassle, no rush..Every morning when we woke up it’s our view. So we decided to explore it on our last day at Baler. And it’s a good decision. Lukso lukos Islet is a very proud attraction, as if every islet is shouting “Come here if you can!” You will also notice its similar feature with the Rock formation island but their difference is, Lukso lukso islet is much more easy to explore,you can easily climb on the big stones/islet during low tide, and during high tide the water will give you a very dramatic scene. Perfect for a prenup!


Here’s a panaroma shot of Lukso-lukso Islet. Imagine every morning we woke up with this view just in front of our place. Take me back to Baler please!!!!


One of my favorite picture from this trip. Mrs. Calva you’re the best!






3rd Day – 8th Attraction (B A L E R Monument) I wish we have a better photographer but this is ok. Better than nothing 🙂 The monument behind us was named Baler 400 Years. Based on Baler’s government website, the Baler 400 Years Monument has four pillars representing the town’s 400 years of history. The 40-foot monument has 100 stainless steel bars interconnecting the pillars. 11076257_831214013593128_7365244907552357364_n Tip: Do not leave Baler without taking a picture here. It’s a MUST for social media posting! hahaha. For everyones information!

How to get there:
1. Five star bus from Cubao to Cabanatuan Terminal. Travel time: 3hours
2. Cabanatuan Terminal (D’liner Bus) to Baler Central Terminal. We choose bus instead of van, Nhiece told us we will see the view better if we’re on a bus. And besides the van doesn’t look urrrggh! …safe. (Sorry!Just saying the truth here) We meet there at 4:00am, which we assume the first trip, unfortunately the travel start at 5:30. We waited until the bus is full. Travel time: 3-4hours.
3. Baler Central Terminal to Dela Torre Beach. Tricycle driver will come to persuade you as soon you touch your foot in the ground hahaha!, we got ours for only 40.00/head. Bid, ok? Travel time: 15-20minutes
4. That’s it!

Basic Expenses per pax:
Cubao to Cabantuan (Aircon Bus)- 205.00 each
Cabanatuan to Baler Centra Terminal (Ordinary Bus) – 176.00 each
Baler Centra Terminal to Dela Torre Beach – 40.00 each
Accomodation (2nights) – 2000X2 = 4000/5pax = 800.00 each
Food For 3days (We cooked our own) – 300.00 each
Dela Torre Beach to SAbang Beach (two way) – 300.00/5 = 60.00 Surfing – 1050 / 5 = 210.00 each One day Tour – 1000.00 /5 = 200.00 each
Environmetal fee to Mother Falls – 10.00 each
Dela Torre Beach to Baler Central Terminal – 300.00/5 = 60.00
Baler Central Terminal to Cabanatuan (Aircon Bus) – 247.00
Cabantuan to Shaw Blvd = 205.00 Total of 2513.00. 

The rest of our expenses on our vacation are simple ihaw ihaw on the street while taking the tour, fresh buko after the tour and etc etc.

Where to stay at Baler: Resort: Dela Torre Beach Resort
Contact person:
Lani Dela Torre (the owner)
Contact Number:
Feedback: Dela Torre Beach Resort owner and staff are really nice, very accomodating. Will surely come back to Baler and stay to their resort again. Contact Ate lani if you wish, just tell her you found out her contact number on my blog 🙂

Surfing Train-or/Tourist Guide/Service/Photographer/All in 1:
Who: Kuya Fernan
Contact Number: 0929-4598976
Feedback:Friendly and lots of connection! He’s a big help in our tour!

General Tip: Speak nicely, be a good tourist but don’t be a dumb. Do not rely to one-question-one-people- only,always try to make a comparison and ask somebodyelse especially if it’s the pricing that is involve. Be considerate but be wise always. It’s not a sin to check others pricing, it’s natural and again Bidding is not a sin, even millionaires is doing it.:) Travel with the people you love. Search about your destination. Don’t be a coward, be adventurous but be concious to what you are doing, safety first. Have fun and cherish every moments, it’s the best souvenir after all, the experienced and the memories you create. Take pictures as long as you can! Selfie, groufie, jumshots and etc. Share your experienced and learnings to people (like what i’m doing now) and do not stop travelling.. by reality or by book or by blogs! 🙂 Hope you had a good time travelling by just reading my blog!

Baler, Aurora, Phillipnes is an awesome place andI highly recommend this place to everyone! #Phillipines #Baler #Summer2015

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi guys! I’m a new bee here at Word Press , i used to post my blogs on other site but recently i decided to jump here because I’m also a web-designer-wanna-be and I keep on hearing Word Press to my colleagues which put me into realization that if I want to learn more about word press why not use it in my blogging this way little by little i will get familiar with what it can offer. Hopefully!

I will try my best to post my sweet escaped’s timely here. Well I’m not an A-socialite and definitely not a mountaineer, you cannot expect heavy adventure or high class night out here. I love posting about food, out of town with friends, not-so-planned date but went out so perfect, other life moments which i think worth blogging. yeah, that’s how i blog. Simple, but in every blog I post my goal is not to brag but to share the lessons or tips or itineraries or budget/menu price or promo code  that i discovered. I love sharing good things ♥ Hope you guys can leave comments (nega or positive) on my future post, believe it or not I’m excited to communicate and learn from everyone!

Well for now… Thank you for visiting my not-yet-well-done blog, as much as I want to make this blog site of mine incredibly beautiful, my skill is very limited but ‘m looking forward to read and read tutorials, forums, book on how to use WORD PRESS like a pro!