Welcome to my Blog!

Hi guys! I’m a new bee here at Word Press , i used to post my blogs on other site but recently i decided to jump here because I’m also a web-designer-wanna-be and I keep on hearing Word Press to my colleagues which put me into realization that if I want to learn more about word press why not use it in my blogging this way little by little i will get familiar with what it can offer. Hopefully!

I will try my best to post my sweet escaped’s timely here. Well I’m not an A-socialite and definitely not a mountaineer, you cannot expect heavy adventure or high class night out here. I love posting about food, out of town with friends, not-so-planned date but went out so perfect, other life moments which i think worth blogging. yeah, that’s how i blog. Simple, but in every blog I post my goal is not to brag but to share the lessons or tips or itineraries or budget/menu price or promo code  that i discovered. I love sharing good things ♥ Hope you guys can leave comments (nega or positive) on my future post, believe it or not I’m excited to communicate and learn from everyone!

Well for now… Thank you for visiting my not-yet-well-done blog, as much as I want to make this blog site of mine incredibly beautiful, my skill is very limited but ‘m looking forward to read and read tutorials, forums, book on how to use WORD PRESS like a pro!


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