Cagbalete Island

If you want to escape from the city this weekend, have a peaceful and relaxing quick vacation. The pristine beach of Cagbalete Island is perfect for you! I got in love to the islands soft white sand and crystal clear water. Saw it already in social media but seeing it in personal just make me believe 100%  the hastags #NOFILTER #CRYSTALWATER. (oh so, they are not exaggerating!)  We travel 4-5hours to get there, but I really don’t mind, ‘coz I love to be on the road for long hours. Seems like I find it perfect for me to reminisce, to plan and to have a wider and bigger understanding about everything. When I was a kid travelling for more than 20minutes I guess is a hell for me! Oh, people change! (wink) Well, as we grow older, simple things makes our heart swoon and small things can makes our whole world complete but there’s one thing that I’m sure most of you can relate. YOU love the beach when you’re a kid and now YOU love it even more to the point that you are hoping to be there every weekend!!Hahahahaha!! #DONTLIETOME. After you see all the photos below, you will want to go to the beach tomorrow, i guess!


Our view, on the way to Cagbelete Island.


The white sand and the gradient blue water is just so perfect!

What makes Cageblete Island famous on social media is it’s outstanding crystal clear water and it’s true! We can actually see what’s beneath the water from our boat. Look at the photo above, the blue parts have moss, that’s why it looks darker in picture, while the skyblue parts has nothing underwater, just white sand.


It’s not just lowtide. It’s SUPER lowtide ♥

Lowtide time at Cagbalete Island base on our experience is 10:30am to 3:00pm. We get off to our boat almost 11:00am, we have no choice but to walk 10-15 minutes from the boat to the shore, why? ofcourse boat can’t make it on the shore! Look SUPER lowtide.


This is where we check in! 🙂 Good choice for campers!

They have good quality tent, clean comfort rooms, fine cooking areas, beach chairs, tables and chairs too so we can dig in to our meals comfortably and they also offer FREE hot water in the morning. For those who will ask, Villa Noe Beach Resort is a fine choice. Check out their website for more information! 😉


After long hours of travel.. Eating time!


Enjoying the SUPER low tide!

Tips: If you’re planning to visit Cagbalete Island, buy your food and everything that you need before heading to the island unless you’re willing to pay everything in double price! We only forgot to buy softdrinks, so then we pay 85.00 for every 1.5. Whew!


After taking our lunch, tsaraaaaaaannn!! here we are grilling ourselves to death! hahaha! Sunburn-Dont-Care.


My birthday Boy! I love you! ♥



my iPad apps absolutely complete the day! #SPLITPICS



By 2:30pm, the water started to come. Magic! hehehe

We actually didn’t noticed totally that the water is already done filling the blank spots! Oh-la-la! Swimming time! ♥ ♥


Taken in the middle of the sea! I love this shot! ♥

On our 2nd day, we visit the Yang-in SandBar and try snorkeling. Rate: 1600/16pax. Thank you to our camp neighbor for inviting us to go with them, we pay only 106.00 each!


Heart shape Mangrove Tree deserves a kiss photo! ♥


Crumple sand! ♥ ♥


The sand is creamy and soft, the water is cold.. i wish we did stay here long but our new friends is kinda have a tight schedule, they are in a rush!


Snorkeling: So clear! So blue! So Deep!

Going back to the resort, we already hit the low tide time! Urggh! We have to walk again to the shore..


Starfish my labs♥

It’s a good thing we walk! hahaha! This brighten my mood! ♥


How to Go to Cagbalete via BUS.
-From Cubao, Ride JAC Liner bus direct to MAUBAN. Fare is 277.00.
-From Mauban, ride a tricycle to the Tourism Hall. Fare is 10.00/pax, you can also ask the driver to stop on their public market so you can buy your needs. Fare will be 20.00/head. (base in our exp.)
-Environmental Fee is 50.00/pax. From the tourism hall you will be asked if you want to ride the passenger boat or private boat from Mauban Port to Cagbalete Island.
-From Tourism Hall to Mauban Port. Tricycle fare is 10.00/pax
-From Mauban Port to Cagbalete Island fare is 50.00/pax/one way via PASSENGER BOAT then you have to trek going to your resort, while via PRIVATE BOAT fare is 2000.00 for 5pax,two way and you will drop right in front of your beach resort… the fare for the latter is depending on the number of passenger, the more the bigger the price! Because large number of passenger means larger boat. And you also have the option to pay for 2way ride or 1way, ours is 2way.IF you will ask which of the two is the best choice, well.. for tourist who will stay in the island for only 2 days and in a peak season, ready your budget for a private boat because you will surely not love the idea of waiting and wasting your precious time in the port. 2-3hours of waiting? BIG NO.

Tip: Public market is just a few steps way to the Tourism hall, if you want to ride a passenger boat.. I suggest that you go to the tourism hall first, register and pay the environmental fee or the best is, split your group into two! Personal appearance in the registration is not required. (wink)

Going back to the City from Cagbalete Island
-From Cagbalete Island, we ride again the private boat that we rent. The perks of renting a private boat, you decide what time you want to leave. You just have to compromise with the driver.
-From Mauban Port, ride a tricycle to the Van terminal. Fare is 10.00/pax.
-From Van terminal to Lucena Grand Terminal. Fare is 50.00/pax
-From Lucena Grand Terminal we ride DLTB bus to Cubao. Fare is 209.00,. That’s it!

Total Fare from Cubao to Cagebelete Island | Cagbalete Island to Cubao:
Php1026.00 (via private boat two way)
Php726.00 (via passenger boat two way)

Beware of surprise charges. 10-20.00 is still a surprise charge! Make sure to make a detailed arrangement before claiming your sit in the tricycle or van. Hope the government of Mauban,Quezon can do something about this, most of the tourist or travellers are sensitive about surprise charges. Tourist deserves to be informed always in ADVANCE so everything will just be fair and square.

Here’s my Cagbalete Island Review.

Cagbalete Island is a beautiful island, indeed! But hey!  there’s nothing much to do here ok?, if you love star gazing, walk peacefully while having a good conversation with your friends, watch the sunrise and sunset, and just be on the island to escape and to think. Go and visit Cagbalete Island. BUT if you want thrill, excitement, extreme adventure! The Island is definitely not for you!  If you are a photo lover, photographer or model YOU will love here, the white sand,the natural SUN light and the crystal clear water is a very good combo!

My boyfriend review to the island  “Cagbalete Island is beautiful but it’s not the type that I would like to visit again and again.”

Me: “I’ll go back to Cagbalete Island  and I’ll bring a really good #OOTD. I actually wish i prepare a better #OOTD for this trip and took a lot of model-wanna-be pose! hahahah! ♥

Thank you for reading guys! Go and explore #PHILIPPINES too! ♥


4 thoughts on “Cagbalete Island

  1. itsmepaulo says:

    Nice birthday and summer escapade for all of us… Enjoy sa white-sand and salty clear-water(kahit maalat at masakit sa mata). No regret on celebrating my birthday to one of the best unspoiled beach of Quezon province. 🙂


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