Zark’s Burger

Instead of cake i received a burger, instead of pasta i got fries and instead of hotdog she serves me a buffalo! Happy me, Happy Ms. 24 years old ♥ Thank to you to my dearest twin for such a sweet-spicy-oily-piggy-yummy advance birthday treat! I love you :*


Wild Food Indeed!


The famous JAWBREAKER. Triple Cheeseburger with Spam,bacon and overflowing cheese on top and served with fries and ice tea. oh-la-la! Php 280.00 only!


DEEP FRIED BURGER. Deep fried mushroom cheeseburger with a choice of sauce on the side and served with fries and ice tea or lemonade. This should be on your top 10 foods-to-eat-before-you-die list. Php 175.00 only!


Wings N’ Chips. Choice of Classic Buffalo or bbq buffalo. I love buffalo! ♥ Php 145 only!

I find burgers boring, not worthy to buy, and dry.. but Zark’s Burger is an exception. Absolutely an exception! They’re burgers are wild not boring hahaha!, juicy and not dry and the size? It’s overwhelming. It’s like Oh-My! Burgerrrrrrrrrrr… and the price, it is reasonable plus there’s no SC. 😉 And what makes Zark’s Burger menu interesting for me is their descriptions and taglines like “foods-to-eat-before-you-die list”this might kill you on the spot”Eat at your own risk” and more!!  Check out their menu to find out and they have accommodating crew too. (Hi there Zark’s Burger Sm North Branch! )

Taste? I cannot say they have the best tasting burger, it’s also not the kind of food that i would love to eat every now and then.  First glance in their menu, (wow, its not expensive), taking a sneak look to the people dining in and to the crew servings big burger it’s like (Wow, I can’t wait), when our burger’s finally served (Oh my, Picture!!!! Looking at the food it’s overwhelming, cheese is overflowing, the food temperature is so delicious to think, the fries looks perfectly cooked hahahah! Very very well served.) After the photo session, moment of truth, the final verdict. It’s good, SULIT! That’s it 🙂



The food looks great and photo bomber is awesome! heheheh wattashot! 😀


Kim. Single and available! 0926… PM me! hahahha!

It’s fun to dine-in at Zark’s Burger.Cool! Burgers are for cool people like they say, and the ambience is very light and happy. We want to eat there again with a huge number of friends and talk about nonsense and crazy things ♥

Taste and talk about it too ♥


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