Just re-blog this one from my old site. Take it as a #TB of my 23rd Birthday♥

Just the two of us. No friends allowed policy (sorry gals! iloveu all) . He knew since then that I’m dreaming to dine in a restau where I can cook my own food, just like what I usually saw on Korean or Japanese movie. And for my 23rd bday….tsaaaraaaaaannnn!!!!

The place is definitely fab!

The foods? Superbs!!!


My favorite!! Fresh seafoods!!! 


This super slim cut pork is WOW! Best partner? BEER!!!! Hahahaha!


YAKIMIX says. “DRINK ALL YOU CAN!!” Cheers!!! 

  Grab the sweets as long as you can too! And Design it the way you want! 

  Kids will surely love this, coz i do!!! ❤


Yakimix Prime also offer ready to eat dishes, Sorry! I choose not to take close up pictures. They look yummy also but yakiMix fresh seafoods and fresh meats are so irresistible plus the fact that grilling at your table is just so cool!

Sushi, maki, tempura and japenese food lover???? Look!!! Yes! One buffet for you. 

Before i forget, yakimix do not have 1 or 2 buffet ‘coz they have more than that! If im not mistaken they have Fresh seafoods and meats in a long buffet, the Japanese (picture above), the ready to eat dishes, the fruits buffet, sweet desserts and variety of drinks from lemonades, soda up to beer!!

Here’s a glimpse on what you can have on their “fresh”buffets.

Everyone will surely enjoy YakiMix though its a bit pricey compare to other eat -all-you-can-buffet but its  worth paying for! Especially for occassions like this. ❤ And Yakimix offer 5hours dine in! Yeah you read it right 5 hours. So you can eat on your first 3hours and drink all u can for 2 hours! As in WOW!

 My one and only! My everyday crush. 

Look how i experiment to mix and match different soy sauce, vinegar and etc etc!! Lol!

Such an experience! If you will walk-in to their place, YakiMix offer 788/pax for dinner, But I highly recommend to check online if they have current promo and call them and do a reservation 3 days before your korean/japanese theme date.♥. FYI, We got our dinner voucher for only 630/pax (if you prefer lunch date,good news! its cheaper 470/pax)  Dont forget, YakiMix is a busy restau, as per the manager, they are always fully fully fully book, so do not try to walk in unless you have your plan B ready for your date 🙂

Wanna try? Here’s how to contact YakiMix.

YAKIMIX PRIME: 2/F Wumaco Bldg. Bonifacio High Street 7th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tel. (02) 869-0777, (02) 869-0888. One pride of YakiMix Prime maybe their crew, they are all nice and friendly.

Here’s a Do-YOU-KNOW trivia for my patient readers!

Yaki means cooked over direct heat

Yakiniku means grilled meat

Taste and Talk about it too! ♥

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