Project Pie Philippines

As the world turn around and social media gone crazy and people adapt and surprisingly ..contributed! Businesses also left the traditionals and dig in to the box of creativity and uniqueness to out-stand from the crowd and effortlessly create a noise in social media. If you are in a food business a good taste will help you live, great customer service will give your restau a positive feedback and this is a good marketing or maybe enough… If and only if the competition is not as tough as today. At the present time..if you want to stand out…be in social media! Create crazy promotions and embrace the likes and goal of NETizens…picturesque food and cozy/playful ambiance. 

Pizza Businesses is never late in this drastic marketing strategy… Solo, Regular, Family Size.. and there comes the bigggggger pizza that can feed up to 8 person or more, from pan pizza to super crispy thin, from ham and cheese flavor to dozen of flavor to choose from and now.. design your own! I’m pretty sure pizza lovers surely hit this store right away when they heard the news. Design. Build and Eat! Let’s Talk about PROJECT PIE! ♥


Project Pie, a custom built artisan pizza concept from the United States

How to Order? Don’t expect a menu in your table. Go and Fall in line. 🙂


Start here!

We walk-in to their store around 6:00PM and it’s a lucky hour, only few are dining-in. If happens you experience long line, don’t worry you’ll never be bored… look around and read their wall of saying from famous people.  Once it’s your turn, my no.1 reminder to you guys is not to get intimidated to their crew, they are a bit of a conyo and they speak very soft and in a very low voice (in our experience) , the ingredients do not have labels that you can read so make sure to listen carefully to what they are saying especially if you are up to know every name of the ingredients. Remember: You are a customer. You have the right to ask. To think. and to take your time. Just be yourself and enjoy. ♥


The ingredients and the very clean kitchen.

The trail to your very own pizza flavor! This is a must read. If you don’t want to start from. “Uhhhh… hmmm.. yeahhh.. wait… ” I’m sure you know what I mean. #REALTALK

First. What do you want? Olive oil, Red Sauce or BBQ Sauce?
Second: Pick your choice of meat.
Third: Cheese!
Fourth: Chili .. (my fav♥)
Fifth: The vegetables, spices and whatever they call it! Hahah!

My best tip that I can give for the first timer like us, PICK EVERYTHING, unless you have allergy or particular ingredients that you don’t like. hehehe This is more sulit rather than picking 2-3 ingredients. And if you have your friends with you, work as a team! Order different flavors and share it with everyone. Project Pie is an American Style restau, serve yourself. Like Starbucks they will ask for your name and they will call you once your pizza is ready. Time to take a picture then Eat! haha!


Pizza + beer with your boyfriend in front is a good combo! Haha!

Close up pizza is mine, looks like a fiesta of ingredients.hahah! (i pick almost all the ingredients!) while Paulo’s pizza look so simple obviously he only pick very very few meats and vegies. For our drink, since this is a late birthday date we choose beer.. just to be little different instead of soda.


My birthday boy, right after our beach party! Very tanned skin. haha!


Just enjoying our pizza moment ♥ Never mind our tanned skin 😛

Taste? It’s good! Price? A little pricey if you will compare it to the pizza we usually buy,Make-Your-Own-Pizza is worth 285.00. But of-course  lets skip the size, the number of calories and the practicality and simply add it to the memories and experience you had. Good thing also that the place is not crowded when we try this, we also enjoy the ambiance… we took our time and had a good chitchat about our recent beach party. Quality time indeed and a good birthday celebration!

515 Shaw, 1555 Laurel Street corner Shaw Blvd, Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(beside Starbucks, and in front of S&R)

Operating Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily
Telephone: (+63 2) 650-0925

And hey! They also have branch at SM NORTH Upper Ground Floor, Main Building, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City 🙂

TRIVIA! According to Science and Master Google, pizza is on top of the list of most addictive food. Personally I’m not a pizza addict but I can’t say too that i hate it. What about you? And if you are a pizza lover, you-MUST-try-this-now. If you are just a curious one, visit one of their branch anytime you want and satisfy your curiosity and do not forget to Taste and Talk about it too! ♥


More Power!


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