Tama Yaki

Annyeonghaseyo! ♥ Have you tried TAMA YAKI? If not! Go and visit one of their branch. They have a very cute place to dine-in… mix of dark pink and black color, shining shimmering walls and kinda loud music. Their food is refreshing for me because of it’s not so familiar taste, something unusual. TAMA means ball, while YAKI means grilled or fried. From their name you can easily conclude that they are selling grilled or fried round food. Oh no! Not kwek-kwek! Hahaha!

Their specialty is the famous TAKOYAKI, a ball-shaped Japan snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan.(wikipedia.com) Yes Takoyaki is originated from Japan, and don’t be confused TAMA YAKI is a Korean Restau they just adapted the Takoyaki food from Japan and serve with their other dishes.  It is typically filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps , pickled ginger, and green onion. Ok now this sounds complicated! I’ll stop from here.. just go and enjoy the photos below ♥


Looks like a Kid restau! ♥


The counter area ♥


The ceiling. ♥


Takoyaki Flavors and Prices!


More to order!

tamayaki flatlay

Our order! ♥ #FLATLAY

Let’s go clockwise! We order… Chicken Poppers (75.00), Grilled Steak Takoyaki (125.00), Squid Poppers (75.00), Grilled Chicken Ramen (149.00) and Korean Pork BBQ Takoyaki (95.00). Total of 519.00 🙂

The food looks so small and easy too eat. But you can easily be full by just eating 2-3 Takoyaki! What a surprise! The ball is chewy with a creamy sauce, and full of ingredients (vegies, spices, meats). Takoyaki has a striking rich taste. Indeed! I expected it to be.. that is why i choose sweet and spicy sauce, just to be a little safe, you can never go wrong with sweet spicy sauce anyway. The Poppers is fine, nothings special. The Ramen? It’s tasty! The hot ramen soup is an ice breaker to the striking taste of Takoyaki.


Enjoying my Grilled Steak Takoyaki ♥


My beautiful twin ♥ Kim 🙂


My Ramen boy ♥ He is a noodle addict!


The design and the wall itself is so girly! Just perfect for us. ♥

If you want a date with your friends, make sure to plan and research, skip the usual fast food.. you will spend money anyway why not try something new? It will add excitement in your date too. Don’t be afraid to give reco too, by the way Tama Yaki is recommended to us by Kim. Thank you!  And guys, always always and always remember, many first with your love ones will make your bond stronger.Start creating your many first! ♥

SM City North Edsa
Near Sm Cinema, and JCO
(02) 376-2377

Tama Yaki is a Must-Visit store. Try something unusual guys, go and explore! And hey.. Taste and Talk about it too ♥


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