Life Quotes Collection

I like people with a positive and realistic point of view and I’m a fan of people who can reflect their thoughts and goal in life in their actions and I’m a HUGE fan of people who can do both PLUS they know how to share their positive and realistic thoughts/view to people, it’s GOOD to share right? But not everyone is blessed to have a persuasive appeal and creative wordings. Oh! I love reading good phrases, good words with a great sense. I cannot say I applied everything that I read and heard in my LIFE, mine will be perfect if I did!:X Just want to share with everyone some of my collections of good thoughts that is very close to my heart. Some touches my heart, some has something to do for who I am now, and few changes something in me… but every word in here surely can brighten my mood if I’m upset, can lift me up when I’m down, can motivate me when I’m lacking, can slap my face by just reading it, like saying “FACE THE REALITY LENY”. Enjoy browsing my Collections of Quotes/View about everything! It’s not me who wrote it ok?? Read my Disclaimer at the bottom of this page. ♥

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DISCLAIMER: Images and quotes posted in this site are found from different online sources and books. If you will find your images posted in this site, please leave me message so I can place your name as the owner but if you want me to remove the image then No problem, i understand. Rest assured also that images posted above are my favorite collection only of LIFE BEST QUOTES and not for selling. Thank you and I really appreciate your work!


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